Coming out of hibernation

January 22, 2008

I have been unemployed for a few months, so I haven’t visited many restaurants recently( I have cooked many a wonderful meal at home). But all that is changing and I am headed back into the workforce as a executive at a local company. So Miami get ready I am hungry and ready to try your best dishes!


Excited about shooting a video for today. Should be very informative. Will post it here and on beckycooks later today.

Surfside Restaruants

December 6, 2007

I have moved to Bal Harbour, and have had a lot of fun walking around the neighborhood. Surfside has some excellent restaurants. I would recommend the Greek Restaurant as well as Food Gang. Over in Sunny Isles’ I have had decent Mexican from Mexican Bravo

Becky Cooks on Daily Candy!

October 22, 2007

Both my little sisters are going big time. Today Becky is featured on the Miami version of Daily Candy

So cool!

Amanda is going to the Olympics for sailing on the 470!

Other Miami Food Blogs

October 18, 2007

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Brasserie Brickell Key

October 8, 2007

This moderately priced restaurant on Brickell Key is a real Gem. They have wonderful salads my favorite is the Verdi E Pera (I ask them to add grilled chicken). The veal lasagna is amazing as are all their pastas. I go often for lunch, ask them about their takeout specials if you are on Brickell Key during the day.

Miami personal chef

September 20, 2007

If you are looking for a personal chef in Miami please call Becky Clark


September 19, 2007

The best deal in Sushi/Sashimi in town is Shi Bui in Kendall. I am a sushi snob and this place consistently delights me and my guest. I have been going for the past 4 years and never had a bad meal. The fish is always fresh really really fresh. I put this restaurant on the same footing as Nobu, Bond Street, and other 3x the price establishments. I think the owners use all the savings they must get by having the restaurant in a strip mall in Kendall and put them all into fresh fish. Kudos to Shi Bui.

Make sure to get a reservation on any night, they are always packed. No Lunch served.


September 19, 2007

Recent reviews by Greg C.

What’s this?

Cooking Lessons in Miami

September 19, 2007

Hey everyone welcome to my Blog. Who knows if anyone will actually read this but I hope they do..

I want to introduce my sister Becky Clark her website is

She is a master chef trained at Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island and in Italy.

I am a food junky and even though I am her brother so of course I am biased but let me tell you, you will be impressed by her cooking and professionalism.